Links to CHHAPS member sites

Looking for a Canadian Horse to become part of your family or a Canadian Horse stallion to breed to your mare? The following are links to the websites of CHHAPS members who may have a Canadian Horse for sale or a stallion standing at stud.

Cherry Creek Canadians, Jim & Yvonne Hillsden

Double Diamond Canadians,Dave & Lynda Flato

Heritage Canadians, Barry & Deirdre Pickerell

Horses of Tanglewood, Phoebe Kingscote

Reindance Riding, Kristina Eckert

Stoneybrook Stable, Robert Shannon

Storybook Canadians, John & Alexis Hartley

Windy Coulee Canadian Horses, Heidi Eijgel

(CHHAPS members who would like their links to be included on this site, please contact

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