About CHHAPS – The Canadian Horse Heritage & Preservation Society


chhapssmlogo.jpgIn 2002, a small group of individuals in western Canada who loved their Canadian Horses became  concerned about this rare breed’s survival. Determined to not lose this part of North America’s heritage, they decided it was time to form a group whose goal was to preserve and promote this unique and historic  Canadian breed. The result was a registered non-profit society called the Canadian Horse Heritage & Preservation Society, or CHHAPS.

The CHHAPS motto, “Preserving for our children, the horse of our forefathers” captures the aims of the society perfectly. The motto was adopted from a translation of the original motto used by l’Association Québécoise du Cheval Canadien (AQCC); “Nous elevons pour nos enfants les chevaux de nos peres”. The AQCC has very graciously allowed us to use the english translation of their motto.

Our organization consists of an enthusiastic, yet relaxed and informal group of individuals whose interests lie with the breed education and preservation, and in networking and participating in various activities with others of a similar mindset. You are invited to visit the CHHAPS website at www.chhaps.org for more information on the Canadian Horse Heritage & Preservation Society and the Canadian Horse breed.

We invite all Canadian Horse owners, any members of the CHBA or any other Canadian Horse or equine organizations, and in fact anyone at all who is simply interested in the Canadian Horse breed (even if a non-horse owner) to join our group. If you support our goals, want to participate in our activities, and want to learn more about this wonderful breed, you’ll fit right in!


We would love for fellow CHHAPS members to contribute to this site. If you have any news, stories, articles or photos you would like to share with fellow CHHAPS members as well as the general public, please contact us at CHHAPS@hotmail.com with your ideas. We would like to feature profiles of Canadian Horse breeders who are members of CHHAPS, as well as profiles of individual horses who are doing interesting things, whether in competition, at work, or at play.

3 thoughts on “About CHHAPS – The Canadian Horse Heritage & Preservation Society

  1. Hi there, I was on your site last week, and noticed that you offered some postcards promoting the 350 anniversary of the Canadian horse. How can I get ahold of these? Thanks!

    • We don’t have postcards promoting the 350th anniversary of the Canadian Horse. We do have rack cards with information on the breed which are available to CHHAPS members on request. The amount will depend on the type of event they are attending. For example, when a member organizes a CHHAPS sponsored booth at a major equine horse fair there will be significantly more rack cards made available than for an individual member to hand out when participating in a horse show.

  2. Thanks for your note. I will pass it on to the Canadian horse person–as they are attempting to host a breed show connected to Pan Am events. Thanks!

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