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3 thoughts on “Discussion

  1. I’m an AQHA Hancock breeder.My stallion, Handy, has kids all over
    Alberta, from the breeding program and limited stud work.
    Handy’s blood line goes back to the original Joe Hancock,1938,39,40
    and the start of the AQHA, thru is dame, grandmother, great grandmother
    etc.All Hancock girls. Now Handy is 21yrs old and ready for retirement.
    Is last kid , a 2yrs old stud ,has been sold.
    Originally, being from Quebec, of course I know of the Canadian,
    but not familiar with the breed.
    My question is :How do I get in a breeding program with this
    wonderful horse.
    Any suggestions you can give, breeding stock, where to get,
    any thing about the breed , stud ,mare , kids etc.would appreciated.
    Hoping to hear from you soon
    I remain, anxious.

    • Hi Peter, I am also originally from Quebec but now live in BC. My husband and I are breeders of Le Cheval Canadien (started 15 years ago), you can contact us via our website or Facebook page (Double Diamond Canadians), we would be happy to introduce you to our wonderful herd .

  2. Hi Peter, thanks for your interest in supporting this great breed that needs our help. I have owned horses for over 45 years and Canadians truly stand out from the herd!They are amazing – strong, sensible, friendly and willing, they are easy keepers, and have proven themselves champions in many disciplines. I guarantee, you will not be disappointed with the Canadians, and you will be helping preserve an endangered breed. I have a 7 year old stallion I am sadly selling due to health and financial reasons. He is great guy, gentle and personable, and beautifully put together. He won the Supreme Canadian Champion at Duncan this summer. For more information here is his ad: http://cnw.hcbc.ca/Forums-Mem-Horses-and-Ponies-for-Sale-Lease-or-Wanted-to-Buy-Lease?Post=1012248

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