CHHAPS membership – JOIN or RENEW

chhapssmlogo.jpgThe Canadian Horse Heritage & Preservation Society welcomes members from across Canada and the United States, or from anywhere there are fans of the Canadian Horse. Membership helps you connect with other fans and owners of the breed, gives you access to the CHHAPS Versatility and Performance Awards programs, and allows you the opportunity to submit your Canadian Horse photos to be considered for the annual CHHAPS Canadian Horse calendar. You will be automatically subscribed to the CHHAPS newsletter, which usually goes out four times per year, and given access to the private Facebook and Yahoo groups.

Membership dues go toward CHHAPS’s efforts to promote and preserve the Canadian Horse breed through booths and displays at equine expositions and agricultural fairs, distribution of promotional handouts with information on the breed,  and our web presence here and at We support our members’ efforts whenever possible by providing materials and other assistance for their local efforts at promoting the Canadian Horse.

To join, you have several options.


If you would like to pay on line via paypal you can either fill out our online membership form and submit that directly, or you can print out and scan/email or mail in a hard copy of our membership form.  Both of these options can be found here:

CHHAPS Membership registration page

You can pay online using the Paypal buttons below.

Or if you are not comfortable in joining online, you can also download and mail in a printed membership application and mail it, along with a cheque in either Canadian or US funds for annual dues ($35 per year).



To pay by Paypal, first you need to submit an completed electronic copy of our membership application (fnd this on our CHHAPS membership page).

Once this has been done, choose the appropriate Paypal button below.  Please select the Canadian or U.S. button, depending on your location. If you are located outside of Canada or the U.S., please use the U.S. button.

If you use the Paypal button below to make your payment first, please ensure that you go back and fill out the online membership registration form if you have not already done so. Paypal does gives you the option to return to this site, where you will automatically land on the membership registration form.



Paypal button2



Paypal button2


 Note:  If you have any difficulty using this form for your membership payment or renewal, or if you need to manually request a Paypal Invoice, please contact

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